Happy Birthday My Dear Daughter!

Our sweet Princess turned 12 yesterday– yes I’m a day late, but we were busy yesterday.  I don’t have a current picture to post, but suffice it to say that she is 2 inches taller than me now and I had to go back to walmart and get her XL flipflops, I think her foot size is about a 9 1/2 and growing as I type.  I’m out of the blogging routine and I promise to do better in the near future.

Bubba wanted to decorate a cake, so Saturday Shane helped him… it turned out much better than I expected, however I forgot to take a picture of it.  The older 2 are doing cakes for 4-H fair this year.  Do  you know those lovely cakes the children do, are NOT cakes??? They are styrofoam or cardboard with Fondont over them and a stiff icing (like Royal icing)… that won’t fade or run colors. I guess it makes sense because they’ve got to sit out in the hot sun, then if  they make it to state they have to sit for several weeks before they go to Sedalia.  So far we’ve spent $20 on styrofoam so Bubba can make a castle and Princess can make a ladybug.  And if we buy ready made fondant add in another $20 or so for that… and I thought 4-H was cheap! Ha! 


One thought on “Happy Birthday My Dear Daughter!

  1. Happy Birthday Princess!!!!!!!

    And I had no idea those things were styrofoam! But it does makes sense… kinda like the wedding display cakes at the grocery store.

    Well, $20 is a whole lot cheaper than a steer would be! Now when you get into that animal stuff, it gets really expensive. We'll stick to the other stuff, thankyouverymuch.


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