Fun Birthday Wishes

One of my best friend’s husband’s 40th birthday is today.  Tammy decided to "bless" him with birthday greetings from friends and family via internet during today while he was at work, with "Depends" coupons, old people jokes, etc.  Maybe it’s just me,I am his wife afterall, but I thought Shane came up with a very clever email that I thought I’d share:

This is a great idea, and I really want to participate.  I tried to think of a good joke or wisecrack to send to Carl, but it just goes contrary to what I believe.  I was taught from a very young age to respect my elders, especially those that are significantly older than I am, not make fun of them.  I was taught to help people who are getting WAY up there in age do things like, cross the street, and push them in their wheelchairs.  I was taught to not trip them on their walkers, not hide their Metamucil, not put itching powder in their Depends, and to definitely not make fun of their failing eyesight.  I was also taught to not make fun of the fact that their memories are failing, although, I must admit I never understood that one, because it seems when someone gets ancient, old, decrepit, to Carl’s age, it won’t make much difference if we make fun of them, because they won’t remember it the next day, maybe not even the next hour.  Actually, I think we should all be ashamed of ourselves for stooping to such a level to dishonor those who are so, so much older than we are.  After all, just because they are over the hill, getting old, have one foot in the grave, and starting to show some slight signs of senility, is no reason for us to take advantage of them.  So, I would encourage us all, when we have the opportunity to wish a happy birthday to someone whose age is really getting up there, to honor them, help them find a comfortable place to sit, help them sit down, help them find their glasses, pour them a tall glass of Metamucil and read to him.  P.S. Don’t get offended if he nods off, some folks do that at that age.  Oh, and tell Carl to have a happy birthday.



3 thoughts on “Fun Birthday Wishes

  1. haha! That's funny. I was just noticing at church Sunday that all my friends' husbands have salt-n-pepper hair now. That makes me feel old. (Billy keeps his hair shaved so short, I don't know if he's got any gray!)


  2. i like shane! very funny! tell him i say hi!

    sorry i haven't been here for a while.. pregginess.. laziness.. morning & afternoon sicknesses. i am finally getting a little better, although i am able to just afford 1 activity a day. i get tired fast, ugh! say hi to the family.. those kiddos are growing!


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