The Liberal Dog

Some of you may remember a couple of years ago, not long before Sweet Cheeks came home from Liberia, we brought home this cute little Chinese Crested Powderpuff. 

(Imagine cute little fuzzy red and white ball of puff, with beautiful curly headed girl here) Apparently HSB won’t let me insert the pic right now 😦

From the very beginning, this dog didn’t fit into our family.  He barked incessently, we were told he didn’t bark at all.  He was very cat-like in his ways.  He hid out under my desk for 2 weeks, and wouldn’t hardly eat.  He didn’t like men, or even our boys very much for a while, and they were never his favorite.  We were told he had several playmates at his previous home. He absolutely dispised our choco lab, Ben.  We thought it was a name complex ("Papersack" for such a cute little dog was a very stupid name in my opinion).  We renamed him Sherman and waited for him to adjust, when he left our home several weeks ago, we were STILL waiting for him to adjust. 

The people that came for him actually "rescued" Chinese Crested’s.  It was a sad day… Princess and I both cried.  I had not given him up before because we "knew" how hard it would be for him, etc. 

The husband walked in our door wearing a very offensive T-shirt.  It was a play on the movie "The Fockers" (which I know nothing about) and had a pic of several conservative leaders, including President Bush and C. Rice, Dick Cheney, etc.  So, they thought he was cute, could find him a new home, and all that jazz and away he went with them.  (me thinking what in the world have I just done to the poor dog). 

So later in the evening, she calls and says he’s doing wonderful!  He’s playing with the other dogs, he’s eating, he just adores_______ (insert husband’s name here, I can’t remember it).   I week or so later, I emailed, mainly because I couldn’t believe my ears when she had called saying how well he was doing.  In her email, she said that they had decided to keep him.  "Sherman would follow John (that’s his name) anywhere!"  "He adores him" And on and on about how well Sherman was doing…

We decided that Sherman must have been a liberal trapped in a conservative home!  And we are all happier. 

BTW, just about a week after Sherman left, we found our new little silver poodle.  He is 8 months old now, and he fits our family perfectly.  He LOVES to play with Ben, and gets along well with all of us.  We named him Ashur.  Princess says we only need 10 more to have the 12 tribes— hahahaha!!!!!!!


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  1. It really is better to have a dozen conservatives over one stinkin' liberal that upsets the whole household! ROFL


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