Cool 4th of July Celebration / Bubba was Baptized / 4-H Cakes

Bubba was baptized Friday at our 4th of July Celebration!!!!!  I hope to add a pic later, but I’m on my new laptop (Yippee!!!)  and I’ve got to get familiar with the basic’s first.   It’s been a while since I’ve had a laptop…  

We stayed up late Thursday night talking to Bubba about being baptized.  The first time he came to us was over a year ago, and he just wasn’t ready.  A few weeks ago, he brought it up again, but then kept putting it off.  Thursday, his day wasn’t going so well, much like several in the last few weeks.   I told him point blank that I thought it had to do with his refusal to obey God’s calling him to baptism.  So near bedtime Bubba decided to talk to us.  Let me tell ya, there were several times I thought we’d be filling up the bathtub, because I wasn’t sure he’d want to wait. (See the baptismal account of the Ethiopian Unich and the Phillipian jailer for his reason).  But he just wasn’t sure.  Finally, he decided to go to bed and see if he could sleep.  2 minutes later he came out.  Shane prayed with him and sent him back.  About 10 minutes later he came out again.  Shane was out doing some chores, so I told him I’d send him back when he got in.  By the time Shane got back there, he was asleep.  So the last thing  Shane told him before bed was that if he decided he wanted to be baptized on Friday, that he needed to tell Daddy early enough in the day, so the water in the kiddie pool would be warm.  It was almost the first thing out of his mouth Friday morning. 

The entire day was so much fun and very cool!  Everyone was here by about 12:30 and the children started setting of daytime fireworks… then, we had our annual presentations of patriotic, or historic nature.  One family colored several different flags that our nation has had, and explained them.  Bubba and I read "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" and Princess told everyone what was wrong with it.  Shane’s little sister and little brother clogged for us, they even clogged to "Rocky Top" for me.  Shane won a copy of the Politically Incorrect Guide to the History of the South from his oldest younger brother.  And we even learned about Zachary Taylor from another of our younger friends.  

The finale was Shane’s next to oldest younger brother played the Army song on the keyboard while our friend got her husband now at Ft. Benning, GA on the phone!  It was a God thing because Tim has never gotten a signal in the barracks!   We finished by singing the Star Spangled Banner and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance  with Tim still on the phone. I almost cried.  He even called us the next morning to tell us how much he enjoyed being able to be with us a few minutes on the 4th, and how touched he was that Shane’s BIL had played the army song for him.  He also told us they were feeding him well and that he’s eaten steak 3 times in nearly 3 weeks– so that’s were are tax dollars are going   I can’t think of a more noble cause than to those who sacrifice so we can live in a free country. 

We had to start Bubba’s castle cake for 4-H over this afternoon… it was too wide by about 1 inch.  But we got everything done on the cakes that I wanted to today.  Princess’s cake now has a "face"Tomorrow is royal icing day, and hopefully we’ll finish them so they can set a couple of days before we take them in on Wednesday.  If we have to, we can take them Thursday, but between you and me, I’d rather be done with them.