They’re Done!

Whew! We were able to get BOTH cakes finished today.  I can’t believe that we started Bubba’s cake over yesterday and it’s done today. 

Let me tell ya, I wanted to quit.  But Bubba was the one hangin in there.  He must have spent at least 6 or 7 hours in the kitchen between yesterday and today.  And he worked!  I helped him a little showing him how to roll the fondont, or getting the coloring added, or coaching him as to were to put the stars, but this cake is his cake!  However, it did take all three of us (me, him and Daddy) to get the white fondont layed over the form for the castle yesterday.  Hey, even the Iron Chef has helpers   At one point I even called Shane and told him we were going to have to do something different because things just weren’t going well.  But Bubba perservered and we figured out the problem and continued. 

His stars aren’t all uniform in size, his fondont isn’t perfectly smooth, but it’s his work, and I’m so proud of him!  If they gave awards for effort he’d definately qualify for 1st place.  Yes, I have pictures, but it’s late, so I’ll try to find the time tomorrow to post them. 

Princess’s Ladybug cake turned out very cute.  She has blue eyes and big brown dots on her back. 

Both cakes are boxed and waiting to be delivered to the site of the fair in Blue Springs, MO on Wednesday afternoon. 

Have I told ya lately that I have some of the greatest kiddos God ever made?