I’ve figured out Nero’s photo program well enough to get some pictures up. First Bubba’s baptism. 


Then, the family gathering.  Yep, we’re all related by blood, adoption or marriage.

Do you want the run down?  (Lto R, back row) Shane’s brother Aaron, his wife Karie, Dad,  Mom, Princess, Aunt Rachel, Sweet Cheeks, Shane, brother Barron, (Lto R front row) cousin Philip, sister Haley, Bubba, Little Bit, me and lastly, the newest addition, brother Joshua.

And now the 4-H cakes

Princess and her Ladybug


And now for the grand finale… hold your applause please .

The Castle Cake

This cake is just under the 13" tall requirement…


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  1. What beautiful cakes! They did a great job! And I love the baptism photo :o)



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