4-H Judging The Cakes

So we went by the 4-H fair today on the way home from town.  Princess got a blue ribbon which means "good."  She got some excellent feedback and is very pleased with her award.  And we are very proud of her.

Bubba received a red ribbon, which is "fair."  He was disappointed, but we are not!  He is a LOT like me, and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  His cake was well above his skill level and he pressed on and completed it.  He admitted that he did his best work.  What more can we ask? 

He used fondont and royal icing.  He also used 2 different tips and had only worked with fondant and royal icing two other times before we started this cake.  He also had his Mom, who has never in her life used either icing, guiding him with this cake…

We reminded him that judging is only one person’s opinion.  He did get some good positive feedback. 

We have encouraged both of them to continue on cakes next year, and I even encouraged Bubba to continue for a couple of years and try the castle cake again and see what happens. 

Congratulations to my precious children!!!!  I am proud of you and your hard work and tremendously enjoyed our time together!!!!!


2 thoughts on “4-H Judging The Cakes

  1. Both of their cakes were impressive, and I hope that over time Bubba can be happy with the work he put into his cake, regardless of what a "judge" said about it. Congrats to both kids for their hard work and persistence!


  2. I thought they did a great job on their cakes and I've made a few myself! Will be a good lesson in learning about opinions though.



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