Information Overload!

We had to take a break from the conference.  We are all running on empty and overloaded with information!  We’re back at the room for a little downtime before this evening.  They planned free time every afternoon, so we’re only missing one lecture. 

Somewhere, I’ve read that we only use a small percentage of our brains, but right now I feel like every area is used up.  We’ve heard Dr. Baucham speak of Biblical Manhood, including Biblical submission, we’ve heard Doug Phillips speak of the problems with Hollywood, and how we have to take back the movie culture and ways we can do that, (I’ll have to list them later).  We’ve heard him speak about there only being two areas of education History and Science.  We’ve hear Ken Ham speak of the problems with millions of years.  And how we can counter the arguments.  We had the opportunity to see the musical "Noah" Wednesday afternoon.  Incredible.  But as Mr. Ham pointed out there were 2 kinds of every creature on the ark… like kinds, not two different breeds of every kind.  Still pretty amazing when they draw the curtains back and you are surrounded by "ark" This show did not have the normal "don’t forget to buy your souveniers, for an incredibly ridiculous amount of money, although they did have souveniers available–that was nice.  We also saw Kirby and Bambi Van Birch… illusionists.  Bubba got chosen to volunteer on stage… he did great!  As a "prize" for helping, he got a backstage pass, so him and Princess went to see their tigers– tigers would be Princess’s favorite animals.  We ate at the "Hard Luck Diner" where the waitresses sing while you’re dining… it’s a fun place.  Little Bit got his hair played with by one of the ladies.  We’ve also had the pleasure of hearing Buddy Davis sing for us before the evening’s lectures began.  If you have children, his CD’s are a must have.  Most of his songs teach creation and many are based on catch phrases that Ken Ham uses in his lectures.    Bubba and Little Bit are signed up for his sculpting workshop this evening.  Should be fun for them. 

Okay, time to go lay down and rest for a while.  I’ll try to get some better information up in the next few days. 

Oh and did you know that next year is Darwin’s birthday?  And John Calvin’s too?  Wonder who will get more media coverage?