Buddy Davis

Buddy Davis is a dinosaur sculptor, singer, songwriter and speaker for Creation Science and works with Answers in Genesis.  The Creation Museum has several of his dinos on display, and he has several CD’s with great messages in music, for adults and children.  He lives in a cabin that is over 100 years old in the town of Henpeck, OH with his wife Kay.  (yes, Ken Ham likes to tease him about that!).  He told us his testimony Friday night and it was really neat.  The short version is that he almost had a recording contract in Nashville many years ago, it fell through and he started sculpting dino’s.  Met Ken Ham at a conference, nearly 30 years ago (I think) and invited him home to see his work.  Ken came and the rest is history.  He has travelled the world singing his music now, and loves what he does. 

Why am I telling you about him?  Because if you have children, you need to "meet" Buddy Davis.  They can learn all about creation science  by singing his upbeat songs, like "It’s Designed to do What it Does Do" and "The 7 C’s of History"And fun, songs about Bible stories, like "Here Kitty, Kitty" and Sampson’s Ticked" (in the style of Johnny Cash).   He also plays an assortment of instruments, including the mountain dulcimer.  And is just an overall neat guy! 

Sweet Cheeks loves the "here, kitty, kitty" song.  (That’s not the name of it, it’s title is "Daniel in the Lion’s Den")  She sings "here, kitty, kitty, purr"  and says "uddy avis" "uddy avis"  She’s just too cute.  But don’t tell her I said that 🙂 As supporters of the museum, we were invited Tuesday to a reception.  After we walked in, Buddy Davis walked up to us and said Hello.  Shane was getting ready to introduce himself and us, and Buddy says "I know who you are"  how cool is that?  Well, I hope it’s cool and not because our children, are loud and kind of nutty… but I guess it could be…

All of his music is good, but we particularly like "The Creation Musical Adventures" double CD and "Soar" This CD has the "here, kitty, kitty" song.  And the title track is about the Eagle…   He also has a newer album with romantic music for all us married folk and his newest is an instrumental mountain style hymns CD. 

We are home, I have another entry on the laptop, but it’ll wait.  You’ll be hearing alot about the conference in the next several posts I imagine. 

"nigh nigh" as Sweet Cheeks says.