Do Not be Unequally Yoked

We love Jonathon Park.  We’ve listened to them over and over and over and over and over and over again.  We LOVE Jonathon Park. (In fact when Bubba saw the VF table at the conference, he HAD to go ask when the next one was coming out, although he had emailed them just a couple of months ago).  

Recently, we were listening to one of the earlier episodes again.  It is the episode where they decide to let Miles Morgan go as the leader of the Creation Response Team, because they are unequally yoked, Miles is not a believer. This phrase stuck with me.  And throughout this weekend, I have been thinking about it from time to time. 

Do not be unequally yoked.  Usually, we think of this in relation to a marriage relationship.  The authors of Jonathon Park put it in a different light.  And I’ve been thinking about this in relation to some other areas of our lives.   In an indirect way, the speakers from this weekend’s conference confirmed my thoughts on this passage. 

 Some people talk about putting their children in government schools to be “salt and light.” And while I wholeheartedly agree that we need to be salt and light to the world, I cannot agree that sending a child into shark infested waters is a wise thing.  Yes, you read that right, shark infested waters.  In fact, I cannot agree that sending a “Christian teacher” into the shark-infested waters is a right thing either.   The government schools are not safe places for your child!  Or for an adult.  Their ways are subtle.  They will teach your child secular humanism.  They teach that the universe came from a “big bang” not from an Awesome Creator that formed every item in the entire world!   They teach that your child came from a monkey that evolved over millions of years into a superior being to the “rest of the animals.” They do not teach that you are a Created being formed in the inner-most place by The Creator of all things. This is their goal!  Perhaps YOU even believe this!  Even as a Christian, you may believe this.  The majority of born-again Christians do not believe in a literal 6-day creation.  

 Another place that we shouldn’t be unequally yoked, is with the foster care system.  I know that some of you that read my blog are foster parents.  Some of you are new foster parents.  Some of you are working on getting your foster care license.  So, you may not like what I have to say.  I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to work within that system and come out unscathed.  I have seen people that once held strong convictions loosen them.  I have seen this more than once.  These people don’t even KNOW they have been affected but they have.   They say that the people on the lower levels really do care, it’s the bureaucrats up higher that are the problem.  Know what I say?  HOGWASH!!!    They think they can influence the children in their home by taking them to church with them when the doors are open, by having them see a healthy Christian home.   All it takes is one lie by the child, and the influence is gone and they are moved.  Foster parents have no rights where the foster child is concerned.    The Foster care system works to destroy families!!!!!!  They rip children from their homes.  Recently a child was removed when he unknowingly purchased his son "Mike’s Hard Lemonade" at a baseball game.   Lest you think this only happens in Michigan, think again! 

 No, I don’t believe one can even be foster parents, in their later years.  God gave grandparents a responsibility.  Doug Phillips reminded us Friday night that the “father’s father” is mentioned more times than parents are in the Scriptures. This command is more important than the command to take care of orphans and widows.  In a "perfect" world, the extended family and then the church would be taking care of the orphans, but this is not a perfect world and the church has allowed the state to take over the responsibility that God gave his church.  Grandparents cannot be grandparents if they are “ministering” to orphans that are wards of the state. 

Dear friends, do not be unequally yoked.