Pray Please

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for prayer for our dear friend that found out that she was pregnant just after her husband left for Ft. Benning, GA.  They have had a roller coaster ride and I covet your prayers on their behalf. 

Donna had bloodwork a couple of weeks ago, the numbers didn’t look promising, but they scheduled a sonogram, and there was "nothing there" she wasn’t terribly surprised as this has happened a few times before.  She had more bloodwork, and the numbers still didn’t look good and went in or another sonogram, becuse she wanted to make certain before scheduling a D&C.  Neither her or the technician was expecting to see anything.  But low and behold, there was a heartbeat!  She called us in Branson and we were all extremely surprised and excited!!!!! 

Then she called this morning and told me that she had started bleeding.  Drats!  We were hoping for God’s mercy on this family and a healthy pregnancy.  They’ve been through so much lately. 

Please pray that God will allow this process to move quickly without the need for a D&C.  And that the family will continue to take comfort in the Lord. 


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