Clarification– overcoming shyness

Good grief!  I guess I did not make myself clear in the post about Mercola’s article on shyness and the comment made by one of his readers.   I was specifically addressing the commenter’s quote supposedly written by the author of the book about the "alexander technique" stating that we "just don’t do bad things." 

The passage highlighted in black in the previous post about shyness is by the author of the comment on Mercola’s blog–not my comment.  The passage highlighted in red was the specific part of the comment that I was making observations about.  My thoughts are in green.  The specific issue I have, is with the comment about ""assuming we are bad," and that we have been "made correctly and just don’t do bad things." I believe that taking the complete comment alone, without any clarification (which the author of the comment did not do) to the logical conclusion leads one to believe that "all people are made good" and that is not true.  If all people are made good, then none of us need a Savior and Christ died for nothing.  If all people are good, then the logical conclusion is that their actions are good as well, and it leads us to the conclusion of humanism, and the belief that there is no absolute truth, which leads to the "I’m Okay, You’re Okay" mentality–which is not true.  It would also lead to murder, stealing, rape, abortion, etc, etc. being okay. 

I know nothing about this book or the Alexander technique"  I have no idea how the "alexander technique" relates to back pain or anything else. Although I do believe stress can lead to backpain and an assortment of other problems as well. 

Personally, I am not a shy person by nature, so I wasn’t reading the article to find out how to overcome my shyness, but I thought it sounded interesting, so I read it.   I was soley commenting on the comment quoted in the original post in red–if this quote is in fact written in the book, it is an untrue statement and is humanistic in nature.  That is all.

Anonymous,  what you describe is different than what the commenter on Mercola stated.  Or maybe the commenter on Mercola’s site didn’t explain themselves thouroughly. 

BTW,. it would be nice if you identified yourself  because it gives your comment more credibility.