How to Lose Your “Daddy Card”

Shane and I used the "daddy card" "mommy card" trump fairly often to help remind the children who the parent’s are.  Usually it is called into play  when one of the children is acting like the parent.   But tonight Shane almost lost his card.  I recently told you about the "get to" game Shane and Sweet Cheeks play each night when Shane puts her to bed. 

Apparently, part of the game includes SC running into Princess’s room for one last kiss from her too.  And Shane is supposed to tell her to get out and then chase her down the hall.  Well tonight Shane decided to play it differently and went past Princess’s room to see what SC would do.  She yelled "DADDY! NO"  Shane obviously did the wrong thing… so he decided that he’d better fix it.  Back down the hallway calling SC to get out of Princess’s room…

Whew! That was close.