Google Yourself

I took Karen up on her tag.  Thought it would be fun… wait til you see what I found   NO, not any of those sites.  (Do you think people put their names on those sites?  I would have NO way of knowing that answer and really don’t want to know)

Just Google yourself (i.e., type your own name into Google to see what comes up), and then share the top 5 things that come up. So, I apparently am:

1.  A realtor in Northern Virginia (would LOVE to be in VA it’s very beautiful there)

2. A photographer.  Very cool.  I’ve often thought about taking up hobby photography.  Someone was doing an online class I found though a blog, but I can’t remember for the life of me who it was, and they haven’t posted their assignments recently –hint hint.

3.  I am old enough to retire from Sequa Corporation

4.  I am an attorney in San Franscisco–no thanks!

5.  I was stabbed and murdered in Baltimore… Yikes!  Poor girl was only 15 years old.  Maybe we should pray for this girls family.

So feel free to do this one, it is kind of interesting.  My blog didn’t show up on the first page, but a couple of other’s did with my name.


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