Please Forgive my Lack of Sympathy

A couple of weeks ago, I actually got caught up on my google reader.  For some time I have been deleting most, if not all of the drudge report feeds.  But today I took a couple of minutes to actually look at a couple of the stories.  (Dial up makes it nearly impossible) 

 While I was reading I came across this news story about a man claiming he is too fat to be executed.  Apparently the man was to be executed a few years ago but had poor veins.  Since that time he has gained weight which has made the problem worse.  Forgive me for being crass, but put the man on a bread and water diet!  He won’t need many nutrients for longevity.  

I’m trying hard to figure out why it’s okay to starve a woman (Teri Shiavo) that hasn’t done anything to anyone but her poor husband that has abandoned her and why it isn’t okay to "help" a man sentanced for death row loose a few pounds.  Or why it even matters if he has a painful death.  I’m sure he wasn’t worried about that while he was r*ping and m*rdering his 2 victims. 

Forgive me for not having any sympathy for this man! He made the choice to do these nasty,nasty crimes and now he’s worried about his pain–poor baby…

I’ll tell him the same thing I tell my children when they’ve done something that causes unsavory consequences.  "You should have thought of the consequences before you did it"


2 thoughts on “Please Forgive my Lack of Sympathy

  1. *Deep Sigh*
    Now how can one get SO FAT in prison?
    Sounds to me like MY TAX DOLLARS are being spent on some pretty rich foods……….

    Let's see…..maybe if prison was an UNCOMFORTABLE place no one would want to be there???
    Maybe if the prisoners were treated like the CRIMINALS they ARE……..then crime would go down, because the consequences are too high?
    Ok, let's keep treating them like spoiled 2 year olds.
    Let's make up excuses.
    You know, you hear moms do it all the time.
    "Oh he's tired. Oh he has add. Oh he is ld. Oh he is od. Oh his daddy left us. Oh her mommy is a drug addict. Oh oh oh oh………"

    Oh give me oxygen.

    Two Words.
    Personal Responsibility.
    Two More Words.
    Jesus Christ.

    Ok………..dismounting the soap box now!!
    Have a great day!
    LauraEdited by Dizzy on Aug. 5, 2008 at 8:24 AM


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