More Olympic Yuck

This has nothing to do with China, but it does have to do with what "sport" qualifies as an Olympic sport.  Today, we trecked to town thinking we would go to Paradise Park and ride go karts, play mini-golf, and shoot each other in the foam factory.  It was sprinkling when we left and we were hopeful that either a) it wouldn’t be raining in the city, or b) the outdoor activities would be running anyway since the rain was not even hardly there. 

As we walk in, the T.V. was on, just as it is at every place, everywhere these days.  Paradise Park is no exception.  They Olympics were on.  But I had to tell my boys and my hubby to not even look, because there were bikini clad women on the screen.  Since when are bikini clad women with che*ks hanging out playing beach volleyball an Olympic sport???? 

I remember being in college, going to the state park down the road, where there was a beach volleyball net set up.  The local Mennonite women would play this sport in their dresses.  So why do the Olympics have to border on pornography? 

I’ve changed my mind…I doubt we’ll be watching any of the Olympics on purpose. 

BTW, we ended up at a different branch of our wonderful library and I didn’t give the children a book limit, we spent about 2 hours there, the children brought home bags of books.  And since Shane was there, I even got to bring some things home.  Stopped by Dollar General and Walmart for a couple of things.  Then we ate lupper (lunch/supper) at Cracker Barrel (one of my favorite places to eat) and then we explored the new Bass Pro Shop… very cool.  It was kind of comical –Shane pointed out that the women were the ones walking around with the bored, lets get out of here looks… You know the same looks you see at the mall on the faces of the men waiting on their women   (I’d like to think I wasn’t among those bored faces I really did think it was cool).  Home, showers and bed for the children.  Searching for some last minute books for this years AO schedule for Princess.  She’s doing year 7.  Anybody know where I can get the right set of Churchill’s "The Birth of Britain" without spending a small fortune?????


2 thoughts on “More Olympic Yuck

  1. Completely understand your thoughts on the beach volleyball. We have been doing a unit study on the summer Olympics and this happened to be one of the first things that showed up on our tape and dd was mesmerized. It did allow us good discussion on the lack of modesty being portrayed.



  2. Had to stop back by and share this with you regarding the "clothing" at the Olympics. We watched the mens diving…barely there is all I can say. Then later we saw women's diving and they were very conservative. But the most interesting was the men's volleyball since we both know how skimpy the suits worn by the women were….they were actually in long shorts and a sleeveless tank-type top. Hmmmm why couldn't the women wear that too?


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