What a Way to Spend an Anniversary!!!

As usual, I am behind a day or two in matters of extreme importance….

Yesterday Shane and I celebrated 14 years of marital bliss.  I truly cannot believe that it has been this long, it seems like just yesterday we were sitting on "our" swing at college talking about our future together, and now here we are, in the future.  And having a wonderful time of it. 

When I think of my past, my parents 3 divorces each, and what the world says should have happened to me, I sit with tears in my eyes.  

 I think about how wonderful my dearest is.  The chance he took on me, being a fairly new believer, (I think I was about 3 when we married) with the track record I held.  With my past life in the world.  And yet he accepted me for who I was and has helped me grow into the person I am today.

He is  an incredible husband and father.  I do not even come close to deserving him and was given abundant grace by the Heavenly Father when he so chose to bless me with such a man. 

Sweetheart, you are the LOVE of my life!  And I thank God for the blessing you are to me!

Now, I can tell you how we celebrated.  We went to World of Fun.  (We will get a night to ourselves next weekend when Shane’s parents will have the children). 

Every year this time, Shane takes a  vacation day off work for a family day.  In years past, we’ve gone to the state fair, and have actually been there at least once on our anniversary.  Honestly, I have been a bit disappointed that we were going to miss the state fair and have been complaining a bit about it a bit.  But a great time was had by all at WOF and I was even the one encouraging Shane to stay until closing… esp. since who knows when we’ll go back again. ( We were there before the gates opened, so we had a full day of it).

 I can’t find my card reader right now, so pictures will have to be forthcoming…

 Yesterday morning was a bit rainy, but it slowed down and the temperature was perfect.  Didn’t even have to wear the clear zinc oxide.  And didn’t have to wait to long in any line either.  We ordered tickets online– they have an  deal where you get your entry and an all you can eat meal for less than a regular admission ticket.  The food was good, and we were starving by the time 3:00 rolled around.  Fried Chicken, BBQ, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips and chocolate chip cookies.  Drink included. 

Bubba and Shane even rode the Mamba, one of the tallest roller coasters in the world (I think it’s highest drop is 256 ft.)  You can see it for miles before you actually get to the exit for the park.   He was 1" to short for a few of the rides and was disappointed to not be able to ride the Patriot.  He rode every other roller coaster, including the kiddie one.  For now,  I’ll just have to tell you about the huge, goofy grin on his face the entire day. Imagine teeth– everywhere.  Even when they were pulling the cars up to the top of the boomerang to come down and twist around.  Even as the boomerang was coming down at an alarminly fast rate of speed… probably even when he was on the Mamba, but I wasn’t there, so I don’t know!   

I am not real crazy about the roller coasters.  It’s not the upside down, or even backwards that bothers me.  It’s climbing upwards slowly, slowly and then the DROP! and down, down, down.  Yikes!  I did ride the Timberwolf and one of my favorites was the Zulu.  I even liked the Spinning Dragons.  And I told Shane that if he wanted to, I would ride the Patriot with him.  (Bubba was too short, by that measly old inch and Princess had no desire to ride it) But he chickened out hehehe!!!

 Sweetcheeks enjoyed everything she was big enough to ride including the Scrambler, the Octopus, and the kiddy roller coaster.  I have a feeling that her and Bubba will be riding budies in the future   She was hollering and waving at Princess and LB as we were riding the Octopus and she was beside herself when she didn’t think she was going to get to ride the Ford Fairlane again.  "Agin Daddy" "ride, Daddy" "Agin, agin" was most of her vocabulary yesterday. 

Princess enjoyed the "danger" rides to a degree, but once was enough for her on most of them.  She rode the Zulu with me, and the Detonator with Bubba and Shane.  But says her favorite was the Scrambler.  That’s always been one of my favorites too.  An oldy but goody I call it. 

Little Bit had a great time, he rode the big rides, but was perfectly content riding the airplanes in the kiddie area.  The excitement of the day came when everyone but me and SC, she was too small and I was fairly dry and wanted to stay that way, rode the  Fury of the Nile for the 2nd time. 

We were waiting at the observation area and saw them go by having a great time.  When they got off, here comes LB with only one shoe.  The Nile ate it!!!  It fell off as he was getting out of the raft.   He was not very happy, but he accepted it and went on.  No big fits, no lashing out.  I am so very proud of him and the improvments he’s made.  Later, we found an employee and asked him how often someone looses something in there and he said "daily"  I think that eased his mind and he went on to enjoy the rest of the day.   Unfortunately, it was the new pair of Nikes that I had just bought him, but thank goodness it was a pair I had picked up at the thrift store for a couple of bucks.  But he really did like them!  (do any of you really think I’d spend a bucketload of money for a brand new pair of Nikes?) Thankfully it wasn’t Bubba’s glasses or Shane’s or a watch, wedding band, or anything else more valuable. 

As we were getting ready for bed, Shane commented to me that celebrating our anniversary with our family was a great way to remember our 14 years together, and I agree. 


2 thoughts on “What a Way to Spend an Anniversary!!!

  1. Hi, this is Kathy in West Texas, and I noticed that you went to Worlds of Fun, and that brought back some memories for me.

    In 1978 when I was a Jr in HS, our Band went to KC for our Spring Trip, and a contest, which was at WOF. Our whole trip was not good. It poured down rain most of the time, and the contest ran so long, that we were going to be preforming after midnight Sat, which is Sunday, which doesn't go over well in Texas. We almost didn't get to perform, and it would have been better if we hadn't, cause it was just really bad.

    The day we were supposed to spend all day at WOF, it poured, so we went to the mall instead. We shoud've stayed at the hotel. We had a girl arrested for shoplifting—and she had money to pey for the item! Instead–she got sent home, and it just so happened her family went to our church. My mom said her parents marched her in church, and they sat at the front!!!

    I don't remember much about WOF or even the trip, other than it rained, and our hotel was right across the street from the KC Royals stadium.

    I enjoy your blog, and reading about you darling kids! Have ya'll ever lived in West Texas cause your husband looks familiar? LIke in about the 70's?

    Kathy in West Texas


  2. Oh Kathy,
    You've given me a chuckle tonight. My husband was born in '74, so he would have been 6 in the 70's. We did live in Abilene for about 8 months in 1996.


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