For the Girls Only

Okay girls, I have hesitated posting this because of the subject, but I figure that if some of you can post your birthing stories, I can post my undergarment story.  (Princess would be so embarrassed if she knew ).  But I’m not gonna tell her, so here goes…

A few weeks ago, Shane’s mom had the older 3 children and I met Shane in town for dinner and after some discussion, we ended up at Victoria’s Secret.  So Shane and Sweet Cheeks took a walk while I got sized and tried on.   I am probably like many of you.  I usually buy inexpensive Walmart bras.  And I was well overdue,.  But like many of you I put that off for things for the hubby or the children. 

It has been several years and a few pounds since I’ve been sized, and what I had been wearing was way off…I have to tell you it took all that is in me to spend $40 on a new bra, but I have to tell ya’ll I LOVE it!  I know it’s silly that a bra could do so much for a woman, but it has.  At 43 years old, it is nice to have a bra that gives me a little lift, and excellent support.  And it just feels good to have a bra that fits.  What was recommended to me is "Body by Victoria" it is lightly lined and shaped.  After I bought one,  we went across to Macy’s and I bought 2 traditional type bras, and I wish I would have went ahead and bought a 2nd from VS and bypassed what I got a Macy’s.  I did buy a 2nd one on ebay, but it’s not the same style, so it fits a little differently. 

Now I don’t want to wear anything else but my VS.  In a couple of weeks I’ll have enough extra money to buy another. 

So that’s it! My undergarment story


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  1. I have been wanting to do that for years but it's just like you said – and I always put it off. And the expense! I usually buy mine at Walmart or for about $3 at the outlet store. But to KNOW I was wearing the right size all around would be wonderful!


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