Carey– Peter’s Mom from Liberia

You didn’t leave a way for anyone to contact you .  Yes, Kellie and I are good friends.  I would be happy to forward your info to her.  Please click the "email me" link in my sidebar and email me so Kellie will have a way to contact you.  


2 thoughts on “Carey– Peter’s Mom from Liberia

  1. I was finally able to find her blog again from some old yahoo group posts. I love to keep up with Zubah and Judah as God laid both boys on my heart to pray for before they had a family. Did you also adopt from Aoh?
    Carey – Mom to Peter from Liberia


  2. My husband was in Liberia bringing home our daughter when Kellie was there with Z and J. Kellie was also excited when I texted her today and told her you had left a comment on my blog… still no way to forward your contact info to her, I know she'd love to email you.
    P.S. too lazy to sign in tonight hehe


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