Funnies Between Bubba and Sweet Cheeks and Victoria Secrets

This afternoon, I was taking the children into town so they could spend the night with Shane’s parents.  Bubba was making commentary along the way to Sweet Cheeks… it was very comical to listen in…

Sweet Cheeks, that is McDonalds,  they have good food.  Okay?


Sweet cheeks, that is Quick Trip, that is where you get gas Okay?


Sweet Cheeks that is Prisicilla’s (along the lines of Fredricks of Hollywood, from what I understand) and that place is EVIL you don’t ever want to go in there.  You won’t ever go in there right? 


Don’t go into Victoria Secrets either, they show their Secrets, okay? 


Obviously, he didn’t see my recent post on my recent purchase at VS. 

Mom:  Bubba, there is nothing wrong in and of itself with Victoria Secrets.  I’m don’t like their window displays.  Remember, Mommy just went and got some undergarments there.  

Oh Mooooom, yuck… You mean it’s okay for married people? 

Yes, Honey, I know it’s hard to understand, but you will want your wife to shop there some day…

Moooom, I will NOT!  You mean I’m gonna WANT to see my wife in her BRA?????????? No way!

Yes honey, trust me, someday you will understand and you won’t have a problem with it. 

That ended the running commentary to SC about what business did what…


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