Grandpa’s Movie Projector

Since we are childless today, Shane is finally getting around to looking over the Super 8/8mm movie projector he got from his Grandpa several weeks ago, so he can see what he has to work with for his new business.  Wow, do we have a treasure.  Taking the projector out of the box, Shane found the instructions,  in one language– English.  Imagine that.  It also included a one year warranty– hehe.  I think that’s just a little past date. 

Then, he found several pages of notes.  Grandpa has logged every reel that he filmed.  Including 8 hours coverage of the 1980 Republican National Convention, a trip to Hawaii they took while Shane’s dad was stationed there in the Navy, before Shane.  And many other treasures. 

He’s going to be working with them, to put some of them on CD‘s for Christmas presents for the family, and to learn the technique. 

In other news on the business, we have the ability to convert 8 tracks to CD’s, videos to DVD’s and also have the ability to scan your valuable documents to a CD for safekeeping.   I also found a small screen yesterday afternoon at the thrift store for $3.00. Shane also discovered that he got a real deal on his computer he purchased a few weeks ago, so I could have his old one.  Well, it has Adobe Creative Suite on it– the deluxe version.  After googling, he found that the software alone retails for $2500.00 and he paid only $500 for the computer with the software attached.  I believe God is blessing this venture… now we only need more business so he can come home! 

Another quick funny.  Shane was working on some things while Little Bit was spending the night at Grandma’s a while back.  As Bubba was telling LB goodnight, he describes a record to Little Bit the other night… they’re  big and black, well, ummm, they’re kind of like a giant black CD. 



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  1. We had a lot of trouble converting Super 8's to DVD. My dad's old projector kept flipping the film off the gear. It did fine on regular 8mm. Let me know how it goes. I might have a roll or two for you.



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