Guess What We’re Doing?

This is not the week we wanted to harvest our apple tree, since we leave for vacation Friday.  But when nature speaks, you listen, or let the wildlife have them.  Since we haven’t had apples on the tree, because we’ve been pruning it back the the last couple of years, and the late frost last year, we really want these apples.  So, this afternoon, we the children and Shane picked apples.  We are working on some in the kitchen.  The dehydrator is ready to start, and I’ll be running the juicer before long for home made apple juice.  Hopefully, we’ll try our hand at apple leather too. 

Applesauce, Apple Butter, and Apple Jelly will be on the agenda either this week or after vacation. 

It’s quite the assembly line:

Coring and peeling the apples

Cutting the ground apples for juice.  Sure wish we had a cider press

putting apple slices on the dehydrator trays

I’m helping too– yummy apples!

BTW, had to buy eggs from a neighbor this week.  We’re down to 2 chickens.  Bummer… apparently that owl that was in our chicken house a while back decided to eat our chickens.