Pictures from Worlds of Fun

I had a dumb moment– actually several of them lately.  I haven’t been able to upload pictures for some time now.  I thought HSB was having issues again, even though I haven’t had any issues with them for a long time.  Well, it wasn’t HSB– it was ME!  I have been trying to add pictures using the link editor instead of the picture editor.  (is that even the right term?  Hopefully ya’ll know what I mean).  So I have pictures from our day at WOF. 

You have to see this face.  Bubba had the time of his life that day….

This is what he looked like, all day long.

The Boomerang… this one pulls you up slowly and then you drop like on a roller coaster, around and upside down a couple of times and up the other side… then you do it again… backwards. 

Wanting to ride the Patriot, but less than an inch too short.

Shane and Bubba on the Mamba.  A 256 Ft. drop.  I couldn’t watch them after this point.  This is what I watched instead

Isn’t she cute???????

Shane, Bubba and Princess on the Detonator.  This thing goes up and down and up and down a little at a time, and then wheeee all the way up!  And back down… no thanks!

I like Little Bit’s speed better

His favorite ride, the Red Barron planes.


The Fury of the Nile that ate Little Bit’s shoe.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Worlds of Fun

  1. blech. I get sick to my stomach just looking at the ride pictures! LOL

    Bubba's expression is so cute!

    My son, Noah, had the biggest smile when he went on Splash Mountain at DisneyWorld a few years ago. He usually does not smile nicely in pictures so we always say, "Show us your Splash Mountain smile!" LOL


  2. Guess it's been a loonnnngggg time since I've been to World's of Fun! Those rides don't look familiar. 🙂 Looks like you guys had a fun day!


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