Please Use Snopes

We have an aquaintance that lives in PA.  Every now and then, she sends us different "important" emails.  Today she sent the one that has been circulating for 8 years about the drug Phenylpropanolamine.  Although at the time, this was true it is vastly outdated!   I have told this woman about  Snopes, and encouraged her to verify emails before she sends them out but this one "sounded important" so instead of checking, she sent it on.  Even the link to the FDA in the body of the email, says that this email is obsolute!   

Please people, if you get an email like this, or any other that could or could not be true verify it before you send it on blindly.  in the search box, type a key word from the email.  In this case I typed Phenylpropanolamine and it took me right to it. 



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