“Bad” Joke lands Kentuckian in Jail

Does anyone else think this is absolutely ridiculous?  Personally, I don’t think this is a "bad" joke.  A man spends 3 days in jail for joking around with the wrong person.  This is political correctness to the absurd extreme. The fact that the Aunt of these girls even wanted this man arrested is beyond my imagination, but what kind of judge puts a man in jail for joking around?  Further more, let’s think about this– is any man  going to make a s*xual inuendo to 2 teen girls in front of their Aunt, Mother, Father, etc???   THAT would be even stupider than what this Aunt and the Judge did!

Maybe Kentucky judges should learn their history lessons: 

Appalachian scholar Loyal Jones said the jest Hensley made has been around for generations and actually is intended as a compliment.

How does an age old joke become s*xual????? 

I think I’ll have to forward this to my Daddy has a warning.  He calls women all the time "pretty lady" and jokes to get people to laugh. He’ll be 69 this year, believe me, he’s not flirting, he’s just having fun.   He might be calling me to post bond some day…

Not only must people like this have no life, they must suck lemons for fun.


One thought on ““Bad” Joke lands Kentuckian in Jail

  1. My parents were born and raised in the very county where this occurred and I have visited there several times throughout my lifetime. And people do joke around like that there, meaning nothing sexual by it. Considering the ages of the girls, (10 and 13), I wouldn't have said it if I were a man, for fear of exactly what happened.


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