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I have so been wanting more information on how to send condolences to  David and Marsha and thanks to Spunky I have it.  We’re going on vacation next week and the thought even crossed my mind that we should change our plans and head to TX instead.  But in my head, I know that is not feasible.  We have never met the Drews IRL, but I so want to hug their necks right now and comfort them in their loss that at times it overwhelms me to think of their pain right now.  

Please visit  Heart of the Matter  there is a wonderful tribute to Christian’s life and several pictures of this sweet, precious boy. A blonde haired Korean, such a cutie.   

I am still in shock about this and imagine I will be for some time to come, as will many of us who have been friends with Marshie for any length of time.  Of course Marsha is one of those wonderful ladies that is everybody’s friend. 

Sweet Cheeks is about a year younger than Christian.   I remember when we were in the process of adopting her, I guess Dozer was not even a year old… then.  Marsha left comments almost daily, encouraging us to hang in there, asking for any news, and letting us  know prayers were being lifted up for SC and for us.   How I appreciated every comment from Marshie during that time. 

If you have read Marsha’s blog at all, you know she adores her family.  I think she kind of likes having all these guys to herself.  

How in the world does a family deal with losing their "baby?" As I was putting away Sweet Cheeks clothe’s last night a wave of grief struck me  for the Drews family.  I thought "How will David and Marsha ever be able to touch one of Dozer’s little shirts again without tears falling?"  "How will they pack up the precious memories of his little precious life in the months to come.  How do you say goodbye to a sweet, sweet little boy like Christian?"  For that fact, how does any loving parent say goodbye to a child?  I woke up in the night and my first thought was for the Drews family.  Wondering if they’ve slept at all in the last 2 days, and knowing that they probably haven’t… 

I know one question that many people must be asking is why?  Especially if you’re faith is not in the Almighty Father.  Even those of us with faith in the One who created us in our inmost being are asking why in our heart… but in our head we know that God is in control of all things.  He has preordained everything, this is no accident or tragedy in His eyes.  Sometimes, it is hard to understand and accept but this is all part of His plan.  Bad things happen to good people because sin entered the world through one man.  As the world grows farther away from the fall, bad things increase because we are farther away from the days when Adam walked with God in the cool of the evenings in the Garden, in perfection.  We have to deal with the consequences of this sin, in this case the seemingly useless death of a 3 year old "baby" boy. 

Things like this are beyond our comprehension.   Especially in times like this, when a family loses a precious little son, or when a wife, like Heather, loses her precious husband at such a young age.   Yes, it is hardly understandable, that God would have a reason to call this sweet little man home when his life has hardly begun, but that’s not for us to know.  It’s for us to trust the Father above and know that His plan is best even when it hurts to the core of our soul.

It is for us to know that this little man is before the Throne praising the Father!  He is with other’s that have gone on before us.  Who knows maybe Eric Davis and Christian are walking the streets of gold together right now. 

I know that is how David and Marsha are getting through each moment right now… trusting in the God who gave them this precious gift if for only a little while

Cards or Correspondence can be mailed to:
David and Marsha Drews
c/o Rachel Harris
12830 N. Cypress Lane
Tomball, TX 77377

Please continue to pray for this family any time you think of it for the forseeable future.  


3 thoughts on “More Information on Christian Drews

  1. I've been reading tributes to Christian off and on. I finally came to yours and I just want you to know what a comfort it is to me, especially today. Today is 1 week since Christian went to be with Jesus. Your post was such a beautifully written post and a beautiful reminder of how God is in control of ALL things. Thank you.


  2. I came across your blog after reading so many about little "Dozer". I agree with all that you said. I too do not know Marsha personally, but have grieved for her and her family so much lately. It is amazing to me just how many lives have been touched by this.


  3. Thank you, dear Christine! Very well said about sin and fallen man… that is the answer that comes to mind when people are asking Why. Most likely we won't know these answers while we are here on earth– and even if we did, it wouldn't lessen the pain we are feeling right now. What does comfort us is the assurance that my sweet Christian is in the presence of God right this very second!

    Love you,


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