Our Wonderful Vacation

This year we thought we’d stay close to home.  Our plan was to visit St. Louis, MO 2 years ago; however, some of you may remember that we were waiting for a very important phone call so Shane could travel to Liberia and bring home Sweet Cheeks.  Last year was Boston, so we thought we’d try St. Louis again this year. 

We’ve had a great time.  This is the day we pack up and head west toward Kansas City.  I thought since I have high speed, I would work on my entry here, in the hotel, so it wouldn’t take me hours to share my pics with you. 

We started out visiting the St. Louis Art Museum on Saturday, and then the Museum of Transportation.  We saw everything from Monet

to Egyptian mummies

at the Art Museum and trains, trains and more trains with some pretty cool cars thrown in at the Transportation museum.  What fun, and they even gave Shane and I the teacher "discount" (in other words, we got in free). 

Sunday we visited a family integrated church and meeting one of the first blogging buddies I ever had (nearly 3 years ago now).  What a neat family.  We had a wonderful time with them after church on Sunday. We went to McD’s so the children could play and we could visit– I think we were there 2 or 3 hours.   We visited their new little home Monday morning for a brief stop, and then Friday they met us at the Magic House and we spent the day with everyone except Christi’s dear hubby. 

(Christi playing with SC–she’s got the baby itch, can ya tell? )

They children all got along well and played well together.  And we have new IRL friends!  We also went to one of my favorite grocery stores… I’m hoping for one in KC soon. 

So Monday we did Grant’s Farm

and Incredible Pizza on Monday, along with Shane taking the older 3 swimming while Sweet Cheeks napped.  Tuesday we went to the Zoo, we saw the baby tigers, a baby zebra and a baby giraffe.  My favorite was the penguin house. 

 Princess, Little Bit and I all got splashed.  Wednesday we stopped by the Bott Radio Network station and I got to meet most of the people that I’ve heard Shane talk about including one of the sales reps that prayed faithfully for Sweet Cheeks as we worked to bring her home nearly 2 years ago.  Then we went to a really cool place.  It’s called the City Museum.   The man that owns the place has recycled all these really cool things from the city and built climbing places, slides, mosaics, and even a very small tunnel under the floor.  This place is several floors tall, and they even have a 10 story high slide in one room, along with caves and in one room  you could walk through the belly of a "big fish"  Yes, I ventured in the tunnel, (If I had only seen that sign, I NEVER would have tried it).  When I got to the end I wasn’t sure I’d make it through that tiny hole to get out, yikes!   Bubba went running to Shane and told him I was stuck!  No, I wasn’t actually stuck yet, I just thought I might get that way–lol!  I also crawled into the tubes in the ceiling.  Not sure my knees will ever be the same.  Sweet cheeks had a ball.  She must have slid down the roller slide 20 times. (yes, we did this all in our dresses–If we had only known, this is one place we would have been more modest in pants!)

 And climbed and crawled.  We didn’t get to go outside because this was the only day it rained, but we had plenty to do inside.  (Note to self, wear pants and old, old clothes next time.)  There was an art section, and we painted, sculpted and glued for nearly an hour.   This place is indescribable, if you ever get to St. Louis, it is well worth spending the day and the money. 

Friday, Magic house and Union station

(Not the best pic of me, but with electric hair in my face what can one expect?)

Saturday we went to the Lewis and Clark Historic Site and out to the locks.  We got a great tour and saw a nice cruiser and a tug with a barge go through while on the tour. 

I may add more pictures later, we actually have 2 digital cameras (got the 2nd for Shane to take to Liberia and it’s smalller, so I may add more pics later.)

This morning, we’re trying a different family integrated church.  By Trader Joe’s after for next week’s groceries and then home again, home again. 


2 thoughts on “Our Wonderful Vacation

  1. wow! you guys are always on the go! we love trips too, but it will have to wait when daddii's done with school. i have to tell you honestly though, live there in stl for a year and we haven't been to the arch nor the grants farm =( however, we are eyeing boston for work .. so keep us in prayers. hope that van will be up asap. blessings to you and the family! hugs….


  2. Awe… you included me and Sweet Cheeks in your post! That's awesome! And, yes, of course, I DO have baby fever! I'm sooo stoked that I've had 3 cycles so far since February! Woohoo! I'm thinking that if I lose just a little bit more weight, my cycles will work themselves out and I'll be pregnant before the year ends! God willing, of course!

    It was really great visiting with you and getting to know your wonderful family a little bit. I really can't wait until you all come back through again. And we did have such a great time!

    Love and huuuugs,


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