The Best Laid Plans…

We started home this afternoon after church and a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for groceries for next week.  We made it about an hour down the road and the car overheated.  We stopped, bought some antifreeze put it in.  It seemed to do the trick and off we went… only to go another mile and the guage started going up again.  So we pulled over.  Put some more water in and it steamed itself out. Time to call AAA.  We are so thankful for our membership, so at least we won’t have to pay for the tow.  Fortunately, we were less than a mile from New Florence, MO and a  nearly new Days Inn, called "The Bear Lodge"   The car was in spitting distance of the tow company and a shop.  Thankfully, we were able to walk across a mowed yard, onto a road from the interstate.  We even passed the tow truck office and a little car repair shop on that road, and are less than a 1/2 mile from them.  We are praying that the little shop here will have the ability to work on our Mazda van.  Especially since it seems like every part we need involves a trip to the dealer. 

We have made the necessary calls and to parents, friends, bosses and even one of Shane’s clients.   There is a cafe nearby that the tow driver recommended, so we’ll have dinner there.  He was kind enough to carry Shane and our luggage to the hotel for us.  

I must say that it would certainly have been easier for this to have happened while we were in St. Louis, but God is good and His plan is perfect.  Shane can do some work from the hotel and hopefully we’ll be back on the road tomorrow. 

And they have popcorn in the lobby in the evenings and a great sounding continental breakfast in the morning… so it can’t be all bad. 

Hopefully, it will be as simple as the thermostat and not the water pump or head gasket…


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  1. thats my word but that is so cool i saw the arch in the picture and it brings back great memories so thats really cool.


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