Home Again Home Again

Jiggity Jig.  We did not buy a fat pig, but we sure could buy a huge one with the expense of the car repair,the hotel, dinner, etc.  Our van is now in Columbia, MO at the Mazda dealer and we drove home some fancy smancy gas guzzling GMC SUV.  Tommorrow, I get to call and make sure the new radiator made it and the children and I turn around and spend several hours in the car driving to Columbia and home again. 

God was so very good to us during this entire ordeal.  We were protected in so many little ways.  There was a nice little restaurant for us to have dinner at last night, and the room was nice and clean.  We didn’t have to walk on the Interstate at all.  Shane called AAA and usually they don’t allow 2 tows for the same incident, but since this happened on a Sunday, and there was no way for anyone to know if said shop could fix it, they allowed it.  That saved us about $250.00.  We also needed a new key as we cannot find Shane’s anywhere (suspect SC’s decided to hide it, maybe even in the trash can).  The key was gonna cost $150 to replace (that’s not even for a remote key) It’s  some saftey feature to keep theives from stealing our van, so in their kindness the Mazda dealership in Columbia is only going to charge us $50 to make the key.  So in a round about way, this saved us $100.  Makes me feel better to think about it this way anyway. 

Shane and the boys rode with the tow truck to Columbia this morning, and was able to rent the SUV when we knew they weren’t going to be able to fix the van today.  Princess, Sweet Cheeks and I waited at the nearby McD’s for a few hours.  We got drinks, then lunch, then while SC’s took a little nap, Princess and I got Sundae’s.  I was so thankful when Shane called and said he was 10 minutes away.  I was actually afraid I would cry, but I didn’t.  Home is good.   


One thought on “Home Again Home Again

  1. What a string of adventures. St. Louis sounds great! I can't imagine getting out of the van and walking…uh.
    Thanks for your ideas about the chickens. Were you referring to feeding them in the evening? We have a gravity feeder in their pen, and I suspect they just eat of that in the morning before I let them out, as I don't see them going in there during the day. If I were to feed them in the evening, are you thinking they'd be coming in anticipation?? Hm…
    The reason I round them up each night is the owls….so sorry to hear about yours. Yeah, I've heard they'll just keep coming till you're cleaned out. We don't seem to have a hawk problem right here like my parents do at their place. And I'm not sure if coons or possums would be predators. They're not very big chickens. I'm really new at this…..


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