Deborah and Barak

Voddie Baucham ROCKS!!! He stood firm on CNN yesterday and spoke the Truth.  The CNN anchor actually brought up Deborah.  Deborah was the first person I thought of when McCain announced Palin as his VP choice.  Personally, I am extremely disappointed in the many evangelicals that came out in favor of McCain now that he has chosen Palin as his running mate.  You’d think that Palin was running for President the way all of this is playing out.  McCain has not changed his positions (at least not today).  He’s chosen a woman as his running mate.  As Dr. Baucham pointed out, Israel was in dire straights… they were being judged.  Deborah being in charge was not a good thing!  It was because the men wouldn’t stand up and do their job!

By the way, have you read the story of Deborah lately.  It’s in Judges 4 and 5.  The man that would not do the job was named Barak– interesting, huh???


One thought on “Deborah and Barak

  1. AMEN!!! I've thought of Deborah, too, since Sarah Palin has been chosen by McCain. I agree with you… that it's sad that it is taking a woman to stand for what is right. Where are the men??? They stand in awe of her, but why??? Because she is doing what they KNOW that they should be doing. It gets rather frustrating, but I know that God can use her even in this. If nothing else, maybe shake some men up and let them see that they need to be standing for the truth themselves… not hiding behind the skirt of a woman and leaning/depending upon her strength.


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