A Chrystalis and a Butterfly

Our new IRL friend Christi sent us home from St. Louis with a Monarch Chrystalis (did I spell that right????).  After our adventures in New Florence,  and an overnight and most of the day stay in the van I was doubtful that poor baby would hatch.  But low and behold Friday morning Bubba noticed first thing, the Monarch had hatched.  I immediately picked up the phone and called Christi because I honestly wasn’t sure what to do next.  We must have missed this beautiful butterfly hatch by minutes, because the secretion  from the hatch had not happened… we watched this reddish orange drop fall while I had Christi on the phone. As Christi was telling me,  It was rainy, so I knew we couldn’t release her yet.  We were able to enjoy her Friday, and we gave her some grape juice in a cottonball Saturday afternoon.  (It was still raining).  This afternoon she was very active when we let her go.   We learned a lot and are hoping that our new friends will come up next spring and help us build a butterfly garden and a caterpillar garden.   Hint, hint


2 thoughts on “A Chrystalis and a Butterfly

  1. Sorry you missed the moment of new life! We had a Monarch last year from almost the beginning…new caterpillar…so fun and interesting!



  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And, of course, we will definitely have to plan a trip to see you in the spring! I'll be thrilled to help you make your own butterfly garden!

    Huuuuugs to the whole family!


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