Birthday Boy!

Bubba is 9!  His birthday was yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that my baby–yes he’s the only child we’ve had from birth, is 9!  

We tend to have unusual requests for dessert at birthdays.  Most children want a cake for their birthday.  Not ours.  This year Bubba wanted Toffee bars.  This is a treat I normally make at Christmas time.  So easy.  Graham crackers,  melted brown sugar and butter, baked for a few minutes and sprinkled with choco chips that you spread after their melty. I also convinced him we needed something to put candles in, and he said he’s heard Banana Creme pie is good.  After probing I found out that the creatures on one of the "Jungle Jam" cd’s said it was good… we need to get out more…

 In years past I’ve made Key Lime Pie (yes, I peeled all the tiny key limes and won’t do it again), Zucchinin Cobbler, tastes like apple, and pumpkin pie among other interesting desserts.  One year when he was 3 (I think) Shane’s Grandma made him a cake that looked like a vacuum cleaner.  Yes, you read that right… and it was green.  He LOVED it.  Of course this is the child that used to get excited when he’s see the big yellow mop bucket at Walmart and the "wet floor" sign.  He still likes to clean… but doesn’t care much for picking up his dirty clothes off the floor. 

With the Chaos of vacation, and general craziness, we didn’t get his gift ordered in time, so we paid UPS 2 day delivery and are opening gifts tonight.  Although he did open his cards last night.   We ordered an ESV hardback with a concordance.  He wanted a Bible with a concordance and hardbacks seem to last longer.  They offered imprinting for another $5.  He’ll think that’s neat.  The children got him some legos.  And we may end up at LJS for "Talk Like a Pirate day" for dinner tonight matey… not sure yet. 



One thought on “Birthday Boy!

  1. Happy Birthday Bubba!!!

    Imprinted Bible– my boys would be all over that! I may have to keep that in mind for the double digit b-day– 10 years old– but that's not until NEXT year.


    PS I can't imagine peeling all of those itty bitty limes– I think I would've shortcutted and bought key lime juice! Makes my hand hurt just thinking about it…


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