Car Shopping Humor

Since our van went kaput on the way home from vacation, we have been considering selling it.  Honestly, it’s not the first time.  But it is the first time we’ve even somewhat seriously started looking to see what was out there. 

Since we’ve had it we’ve:

*put a new engine in it (Thankfully, it was AFTER we returned from Colorado on vacation)

* had a major computer piece go out (read big $$$)

*brake job $500

* radiator nearly $700

*new key (not a remote key, just the key) $150

*Still needs a driver side window regulator at least $500.

Memories … expensive memories, like the corners of my mind… misty water colored memories of the van that was… (those of you under 40 probably wont remember that song…do you hear the sarcasm??) 

Okay, so I’m looking on craigslist, the KC newspaper, etc.  Shane wanted me to take it to carmax to see what they would offer… it’s not even worth mentioning –it let’s just say the radiator alone cost nearly what they offered.   And for what we’ve put in it we could have had a nearly new van…

So here’s what I’ve found so far:

* A 1996 Ford 15 passenger van for $3000– without any seats or even seatbelts, but it was listed as a passenger van. (No, not my first choice but low miles and cheap.)

*A BMW that cost more than our house.  ( I forgot to put the search parameter of "van" in the proper box)

and I found a lady looking for someone to give her a vehicle because she’s letting her teenage girls run her life.  I wanted to email her and ask her who the momma was and why she is letting them "leave her without a vehicle" and why SHE is paying their insurance etc.  But I didn’t want to cross the line.  I got so many nosey emails when I was listing our doggy a while back from the PETA lovers that I wouldn’t want to do that to anyone. 

I’m thinking a horse and wagon sounds good about now… we could haul anyone anywhere, with anything in the wagon.  Feed for the horse has to be less than $3.50 a gallon, although going to the city would end up being an all day affair.  ETA’s for a horse and wagon are a little bit longer than for a vehicle with an actual motor.  Hey, maybe we could rent a car and driver when we had to go to the city like the Amish do… it’s a thought.  Wonder what Shane would think of that????? 

Shane said the problem with the horse and wagon is the exhaust.