Who Are We Voting For?

Robin just left a comment and asked what we were going to be doing about voting this election… I was going to comment on her blog, but decided to quickly post a reply here instead:

You asked about what we’ll do about voting this election on my blog.  We will never not vote, even if we write in someone.  This country was founded on the principles that country is about  "we the people" We will  do our job and vote.  I nearly positive that Shane will have us vote Constitution party this time.  We just can’t in good conscience bring ourselves to vote for "the lesser of two evils"   It’s not a can of worms at all, it’s a good question and one many are thinking of this fall in this election season. 


One thought on “Who Are We Voting For?

  1. I must say, I've battled how to vote in my mind. I have gone back in forth with not voting (because I didn't want to do the lesser of two evils), but I never thought of a write in. What is the Constitution Party? I like your family verse. I needed to remember that today. Thanks


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