Fireproof GO see it!

We went to see Fireproof yesterday and took all of our children and a couple of extra too.  The movie was wonderful!  The theatre was not as full as I would have liked to see but we went to the Sunday 1:40 show, so maybe the other times were busier. 
The one thing we were concerned in taking our children was the subject of pornography.  But we also knew the reason it was PG was because of it being about God and not for any other content.  We thougth it was handled very tastefully.  The discussions about it were vague enough that the younger set would have missed it, but direct enough that those older knew what they were talking about.  The one scene that showed anything at all was a pop-up on the computer screen,  basically a picture of a pretty brunette with the caption at the bottom of "wanna see more" The young lady was smiling, there was no skin, and the picture showed nothing from the neck down. (Basically,you can see more "porn" on underwear commercials, or in the lobby after the movie, than this one scene).  I think it was a very powerful scene to show the battle Caleb was fighting within himself.   I hope Dad’s and Mom’s will use it as a spring board for discussing internet porn with their boys especially.  
There is also one scene near the begininng that is a bit intense.  It involves a train… I’ll not say more because I don’t want to give it away.  Just be prepared to be on the edge of your seat…
Sherwood has outdone themselves.  Like Facing the Giants, and Flywheel, there is a good mix of serious, and funny.  Look for several cameo appearances by the actors in the last movies, including the Kendrick brothers.   There is also an interesting little twist at the end of the movie. 
Of course the storyline itself is a little more intense than a football team that has a stellar year because they honored God.  But I’m glad to see Sherwood taking this direction.  I would recommend this movie to anyone.    
I must say that the previews were awful!  We told the children to close/cover their eyes but they still heard an earful.  Shane asked me to go out and make sure we were in the right theatre. (and met another lady doing the same thing).   The manager came over and asked if there was a problem and I told her about the previews being terrible for anyone, much less my young children.  The were nearly immediately stopped and the movie began.  She also said they would be pulling those previews from that movie for the remainder of the run.   Apprently yesterday was the only day those really nasty previews were shown as that was the only day they had received several complaints.   It did give us a chance to ask the children if they understood why we rarely went to the movie theatre… they did. 
This is a must see movie. 


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  1. Good for you getting those previews pulled! A lady at Bible study last week was telling us how good this movie was as well. It is definitely on the list for dh and I to go and see. I am thankful this church has taken on these projects!


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