Interesting Test Drive Story

I have really been meaning to blog more, but we’ve been too busy having fun to take the time.  But I think I might have to start a new category…

"Strange car buying stories" or something like that. 

We are still looking for an inexpensive, reliable 8-9 seat Suburban to replace the mini-van.  We really do need more room.  

So yesterday morning I was looking on ebay and found a Suburban in the metro that might be worth taking a look into.  We were going to be in town at the Fall Festival at Missouri town, so maybe we could go look at it after we were done.  So I emailed (somehow, missed the number in the listing, or we would have just called) .

After we were done at Missouri Town, we made arrangements to meet her at a gas station nearby her house.  Yes, we thought weird, but went anyway.  So we’re looking at the ‘burb.  Trying to visit with her, etc.  Things are a little weird, you know like, she never even told us her name.  She did mention something about liking our van, and wondered if we would be interested in trading cars… I’m thinking, "that might work" both are probably worth about the same… cool… let’s see where this goes. 

After a couple of minutes she tells us that we can take it for a drive.  We decide to take turns since we had the children and carseat, etc.  I went first.  Liked it, found a few minor things, like a knob missing here and there, but it drove nicely and the price was right.  Shane said I was gone for about 5 minutes and she started acting funny… like did I know my way around Raytown and was I lost, etc.   So then Shane takes it out.  Her husband calls her as he’s leaving and wants us to go across to the high school, no biggie, but strange.  She hops in our van and off we go.  So they are selling another car that someone bought off of ebay there.  I stay in the car because I don’t want to be rude while they are making that transaction. 

So, the people with the other car are gone.  I hop out to get a snack for Sweet Cheeks out of the back of the van, and hear part of a strange conversation between them.  A few minutes later, they are still in this strange conversation, only it’s getting louder.   I look up at they are beside my car, and I can tell the conversation is not a good one.  Apparently he wasn’t happy that we were test driving their car.   They move away but his voice is gettin louder.  I lock the doors– sorry lady, but I ain’t involved in this and I got 4 children to protect from your angry husband.  A couple of minutes later, he’s yellin at her and I hear a few choice words and something about "she’s in her car and could drive off, and he’s got our car" Time to roll up the windows and call Shane to let him know what’s going on.  Fortunately, he pulls up before I can get him and hears them arguing before he gets out.  The man walks off.  Shane gives her the keys back and we scoot out of there. 

Nice car,  strange lady, angry husband  NO DEAL even if they were interested in trading.  Yikes!  We didn’t know car buying could be so weird. 


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  1. Wow! What an experience! Glad you all made it out of there safely and in one piece. Hope you are able to find one that fits your family and budget soon.


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