The Rest of the Story…the Car Buying Story That Is

So, after the weekend passes, I’m still looking on craigslist, the KC newspaper, ebay etc.  for our new ‘burb.  I see that the one that we drove Saturday still has no bids and ends Monday afternoon.   (For some reason, the cars in this area that I’ve looked at on ebay don’t tend to sell as well as, say Texas or Florida–go figure, maybe they want a vacation while they’re picking up their new car?).  

It is a 9 seater, rear air, 4×4,  not white (almost every one I’ve seen is white for some reason), and has 157,000 miles on it.  The fluids looked good, tires were good, car was clean, ran well, etc.  It is a no reserve and the bid starts at $1999.  I email Shane.  For that money, it might be worth picking it up from the whacked out couple to get a good deal.  The cheapest ones we’ve found are around $2500, and the air doesn’t work, or they have nearly 300,000 miles on them or some such other issue.   

He says watch it, if no bids 2 hours before ending, we’ll run the carfax and really consider it.  So we keep a watch on it.  Still no bids… I order the carfax.  It was a fleet vehicle, but only for 3 years when it was new… the lady hasn’t owned it for as long as she said… but like we said, she was kind of strange.  That was all…oh and of course that this lady has an angry husband.  But, we also figured that had we not test drove it, we wouldn’t have known this, although we probably would have called with some questions and her telephone skills certainly were lacking.  

So we bid on the ‘burb with the angry owners… and won!  I paid the deposit a couple hours later and emailed and told them we wanted to pick it up Tuesday afternoon if possible.  Shane took the number in the listing… called and called.  No answer and voicemail was full… couldn’t pick it up.  Wednesday, same thing (just so happened me and a friend were going to be in town and she could drive our van home and me drive the burb and we would not have to take the children).  Perfect, right?  No– still no answer.  The number she had called us from the other day was different, we tried it… no answer, but Shane was able to leave a message.  Finally, last night about 8pm she calls.  (whew! we were beginning to think that I might have to research how to file a complaint on ebay and how to get our 500 bucks back).  So hopefully, we will be able to meet them at the gas station and pick up our new ‘burb Friday morning, so I can take it to the shop when I’m in town for my monthly lunch with a friend.   We’ll see…

Will we have a new burb,  or won’t we have a new burb?  THAT is the question. 


2 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story…the Car Buying Story That Is

  1. I hope it works out for you, Christine! That kind of stuff always makes me nervous, but my sister has bought a van on eBay before and got a great deal.


  2. What a strange ordeal this has been for you all… but also makes for a great story! 😉 Hope it works out okay. Also, in answer to why cars from down south sell better than up this way is because there is no rust on them. The vehicles up this way travel through salt in the winter and that rusts them out.


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