Betrayed! The New Homeschooler

By now ya’ll know that I speak my mind.  I try to be nice about it, but sometimes, especially when I’m shocked, things fly out of my mouth in less than tactful ways.  That happened recently…

We were recently told by some very good friends that, we’ve known for a very, very, very long time,  that they have been having Parents as Teachers into their home to help with their not even 2 year old boy.  In case you don’t know what that is, here’s the link. Basically, it’s a program designed to indoctrinate parents into "needing" the government to help you care for your child from birth whoops, just read on their website they actually start this before birth.  They come into your home to do this. 

So, when we heard this I spewed forth something about NEVER letting the gov’t into my home for that.   I did not mean to offend her, but I was in total and absolute shock that they would do this.  We’ve known this family for a VERY long time… Shane grew up with this guy.  They have talked about homeschooling their children for a long time and I was so shocked that I spoke before my brain had time to think.

My stomach churns everytime I think about this whole situation!!! More than it churns when I think about Obama being our next president and that thought turns it upside down!

Not to mention the bigger picture.  See what this couple doesn’t understand (nevermind how corrupt the whole gov’t system is) is that they are endangering my RIGHT to homeschool!  Sorry, that’s the way I see it.  Again, we have "homeschoolers" taking government support.  Basically they are telling the gov’t that they don’t think they are qualified to teach their children without the gov’t’s help.  People like this give the government a reason to think that no parent is qualified to teach their child at home.  And the even worse part is that my children or yours could end up fighting the same (only worse) battle that my in-laws and others fought 20+ years ago.

So here’s my word for those of you that think you can do both– DON’T!  Either poo or get off the pot.  But DON’T mess up my right to educate my children in the way I am convicted.  (Yes, this is an area where we obey God rather than men, and if I am schooling my children when this reversal of our rights takes place I WILL break man’s law and continue in what is my God given authority. )  There is a plethora of support groups (that are NOT government ran).  These support groups have homeschool veterans willing and able to help you on this homeschooling journey.  And if you are inclined that the socialization argument actually has merit, (that’s a soapbox for another day) then find one of the 100’s if not 1000’s of homeschool organizations doing theater, sports, debate or other things so your children can socialize with children their age.   You do not need the government helping you!!!  If you are unsure of yourself (as we all are in the beginning, middle and end of this homeschooling journey) find someone that can encourage you in this journey.  

And if you are allowing the government to "help" you with your children, meaning if you are involved in a government run satelite program or Parents as Teachers, please, please PLEEEEEEEEEEASE do not tell people that YOU are a homeschooler– because quite frankly— you are decieved and you are NOT a"home" schooler!

We had some friends over for a weenie roast last night (our very good friends from CA are getting ready to go back and this was kind of their farewell party until next year).  Anyway, one of the ladies was telling us about her 13 y/o daughter bringing up how different they are… yup! "K" I feel your pain.  Different and alone among family and long known friends. 


4 thoughts on “Betrayed! The New Homeschooler

  1. I have made sores on my tongue from biting it, to not say the exact same thing.

    People get so brainwashed by the thought that the government is the supreme being! Before I began homeschooling we would have done the same thing. Ignorance does terrible things for our country and the body of Christ. May we continue to pray that His wisdom is revealed to the hearts of men.



  2. Hello, you have a beautiful family. I do totally agree with you views on this, but some people really don't know any better. I had never heard about that program, I'm glad you shared about it.



  3. Thank you for sharing the info on this! I've heard about the govt wanting to get our kids into the school system earlier and earlier but I hadn't heard of this organized thing that is already out there.

    Hopefully this family will hear what you are saying at some point. Ignorance gets us too often!



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