Hotmail Funnies

For many, many years we’ve had a hotmail account set up.  I use it for those places that want my email address, but I know they’ll sell my addy.   I certainly don’t want my main email overrun with junk mail.  So today I visited and found over 2000 messages in my inbox.   It’s always interesting to see what’s there:

1) I can meet the man of my dreams on eharmony.  DUH!  I already live with the man of my dreams.  (On a side note, I am SO disappointed with eharmony, it was started with such great intentions and has stooped to spamming for business–yuck!)

2)"Jane" wants me to join myspace.  Who in the world is Jane and why isn’t she with Dick?  You know "See Dick run.  See Jane run.  See Dick and Jane run".  Oh I’ve got it… maybe Jane ran away with someone she met on eharmony…

3)  I’ve had a paypal dispute for about 6 months now… and every email from them (not really paypal) is urgent.  Boy they must be desperate.

4) One word  "Viagra" 

5)  Of course I’ve won a new car, and a new house and home improvements on said new house, and can get a "free" walmart gift card among other things if I only click through. 

6)  My account at   insert banks name  has been frozen– funny I don’t have an account at that bank and never have!

7) I can learn how to make money using craigslist.  Maybe it’s the same way some fool tried to convince me to "buy" his 2004 Suburban listed the metro, for $4500 but he lives in Montana and the VIN to the burb actually belongs to a dealer that has pictures of the same car on their website for sale in TX.  "Oh just send me your name and address, and I’ll set up the ebay account"  Yea right!  I wasn’t born yesterday!  Then I posted that it was a scam and got flagged!  Yea I know, take it to the forums,  but I didn’t want someone to actually fall for the duuuuuuude before it got flagged off.

7) and among those almost 2000 scam spams, I received an offer for identity protection.  Yeah! Now I can contact all those idiots with the "offers"and I’ll be protected!

8) Oh and I can’t believe that I almost forgot… a "free" trip to Vegas, Cancun, and Alaska!

Ahhhhhh! The internet… prosperity for all at the expense of other peoples stupidity!


2 thoughts on “Hotmail Funnies

  1. Wow, I can't believe we have so much in common!!! So where should we go for a fun little vacation first? Don't worry, it'll be my treat. There is a Mr. Abraham in Africa that is willing to pay me over a million dollars just for helping him claim his inheritance! So I got ya covered. Oh, I gotta go. My Rolex says that it is bedtime and we know how accurate those luxury watches are!

    Love you!


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