Suburban The Story Ends– I Think!

For all 5 of you that are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if we are driving a new to us Suburban… the answer is NO.  Here’s what I hope is the end of that story with the red burb from the weirdos. 

Friday morning, after we won the auction and paid the $500 deposit on Tuesday, I open the email account I use for ebay and low and behold our deposit had been refunded along with a short email stating that the sellers accidentally started bid had been $1000 lower than they intended. (note, this was after Shane had talked to Ms. and we had agreed to talk on Sat. morning to set a time to pickup the burb.  Now, anyone that has sold on ebay KNOWS that there is a page to confirm that the listing is correct before it is listed.  Furthermore, anyone knows that anytime before a bid is made the listing can be revised and any information can be changed.  We did not make the bid until approx. 2 hours before the auction ended… so what this tells me is these people are liars. (Of course we knew their social skills were lacking, and that Mr. had a huge anger issue), so am I surprised? No.

I imagine they were starting low with a no reserve auction to generate bids.  Hey, I’ve done the same thing (only not on a several $1000 item).  And, honestly, I’ve lost sometimes.  That’s part of the game.  But when that happens, you honor the bid, suck up and sell the item.  It’s called integrity!  You don’t make up a lie and refund the deposit because you lost the bet. 

Okay, so I file a greivance and am told that because of "privacy issues" Ebay won’t tell me what action was taken.  I left negative feedback (maybe the 2nd time EVER).  A couple of days later, I get an email stating that the seller has requested a refund of their Ebay fees because it was "mutually agreed to cancel the transaction"  WHAT!  They’re basically saying that we backed out of the sale by asking for this.  So I deny it and in the comments explain again that we did not want to back out of the sale and I can’t even believe the seller has the audacity to ask for a refund of the fees.  

So we’ve driven a few others but can’t find anything in our price range (cheap) that will work for a daily driver. And honestly the thought of 12 miles to the gallon turns my stomach.  So we’re reconsidering.  Princess says she’s not cramped unless we’re travelling or hauling groceries when we have things to drop off at the thrift store in the back.  🙂 

 Maybe we’ll look for one with high miles really cheap (as opposed to just cheap) that we can use to haul extra people and things around the metro, and IF it happens to be roadworthy we can take it on trips too.  Shane has been wanting another truck, so maybe a really cheap one would do double duty.