There is a praise and worship song that Dennis Jernigan sings that I love… "make me more free, free me… with wings like an eagle, my heart’s made to fly…over sin over sadness to knew realms of life… from morning to morning my gaze fixed so high…"  I’m working from memory, since my computer is working incredibly slow today…

God has been making me (and our family) more free of late. 

1.  Little Bit has chosen to forgive his birthmother for poisoning him with drugs before he was born… this has freed our entire family from his anger.

2.  Shane bought a Suburban yesterday that I haven’t even SEEN yet.  Once upon a time I would have insisted that I see it, drive it, etc.  I’ve seen pictures–they were on craigslist.  It has high miles, but was very affordable and we can keep the van too.  Must have been what God wanted because we found it right after we changed our perspective šŸ™‚

3.  My hormones have been a mess for nearly 5 years.  I had some issues and was prescribed natural progesterone that long ago, began having hotflashes, etc.  found another doctor that feed that and I had been drugged on bio-identical hormones ever since.  3 months ago, I found a new dr. She told me it was crazy for me to be on HRT at my age.  I’m taking 5 HTP, Vitamin D and a multi.  And feel better than I have in a long time! 

4.  Church issues… yes, we are looking AGAIN.  Unfortunately, the one we were attending and thought match our doctrinal beliefs changed their doctrinal beliefs over the last year… so we’re looking again.  But God is given me such peace.  For the first time ever, I don’t feel the pressure to have a place to "belong."  We have enjoyed visiting different churches and getting to know our larger church family.   I’m giving Shane input, but he is deciding where we go each week, and I’m content with not placing membership for even a year or more…

5.  Hopefully, in 5 weeks or so, I’ll be free from dial-up thanks to T-mobile and EDGE.  They say I’ll be able to use my new phone with my laptop and have high speed internet…

Have BLESSED weekend ya’ll!




One thought on “Freedom

  1. Nothing feels better than FREEDOM! Good for you!

    Now just last night Billy found out his ex-business partner is very likely going to end up in Kansas City and will get Billy a job there ASAP. Nothing's official yet but I'm so excited at the possibility. I was all ready and willing to go to Wyoming or South Dakota, but Kansas City is just that much better!


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