Too Funny and Other Happenings

Bubba has been persistent since his hamster, Laura died, that he wanted another little critter. We tried some gerbils from the evil place, that bit all of us at least once and some of us 4 or 5 times before they made the trip to the pet store.  Bubba’s kind of like me in that respect (yes, sweetheart go ahead and laugh, cause he’s ALOT like me in that respect). 

A couple of weeks ago, he started mentioning snakes, or similar creatures, so I thought it was best to move forward with something besides a snake, because there AIN’T gonna be no snake in my house!  (yea, I revert back to my southern roots when I get adament about something like that).  Anyway, as I was searching for a Suburban, I found someone with two Guinea Pigs.  After I called and made arrangements for us to pick them up that evening, I get back on craigslist and find a cage.  Free Guinea’s and a $15 cage large enough for two.  What a deal.  Oh these gals are so sweet.  Yes, I’ll take a picture soon.  One is long hair, Fluffy, and the other medium haired, Caspian.  (yes, Caspian was a boy, but oh well, she’ll never know the difference). 

So tonight, Shane said something about the "hamsters, I mean gerbils"  So I laughingly replied, "Honey, they’re guinea pigs"  

BTW, we found a Suburban too.  Shane bought it and I didn’t even see it until we went to pick it up this morning.  It”s green with tan interior.  Seems to be in excellent condition for a 1995.  Hey it even has a 12 disc CD changer, of course we had to figure out how to work something that fancy. 

On a sad note, our dear friends that have property down the road are travelling home tomorrow.  We won’t see them for probably 9 months… It’s been a very fun several weeks. And we will miss them a bunch…  Shane and her were in Liberia at the same time, nearly 2 years ago.  Things will sure be quiet around here.  They are surprising her husband as he has a few days off work and doesn’t know they are coming home a couple of weeks early.  Please pray for their safe travels. 


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