Funny, and Other Stuff

Don’t ya just love these titles lately… my creative juices are flowing… duh!  I was getting ready to write about how disguisted with the entire election thing and how concerned how I am with Obama and McCain.  However, I have the funniest children ever, so I have to change my perspective.  It’s much more pleasant to talk about anyway…

Sweet Cheeks hates and I mean hates shoes and socks.  She not only pulled her laces out of her boots, but she tore them apart.  Tonight it is supposed to be 27 degrees (see Diane, it’s not even November and already have the long pants out and I’m in my flannel jammies).  I mention to Shane how chilly our Liberian furnace (a.k.a Sweet Cheeks) felt this morning and tell him about some snuggly p.j.s she has.  He finds some with feet in them and puts them on her:

Sweet cheeks says "Daddy toes" while she is tugging on the feet in the pj’s trying to get her toes out. 

Then she sighs deeply and says "daddy, just forget it"

Bubba and I are just alike.  We watched the conclusion of "My Fair Lady" tonight and he was frustrated at the ending, because the writers do not tell you exactly what is going to happen.  I remember a time when I was about 12 when the same thing happened to me, although the movie wasn’t "My Fair Lady"… can’t remember the movie right now.  But I could not for the life of me accept that the lead characters would live happily ever after without seeing it for myself…

Connie, we took your suggestion and Caspian is now Cassie, much better IMO.  

I would really like to go to the Above Rubies retreat in AR in November but I’m not feeling peace about going, so for now I’m staying put.   


2 thoughts on “Funny, and Other Stuff

  1. Glad to hear your cat finally got a proper name. 🙂 We've got the 20 degree weather here, too. I'm freezing, but I just can't bring myself to turn the thermostat up… yet. Hopefully, I will get thawed out later this week, when the temps return to the 60's. Otherwise, guess I'll just have to wait until the spring thaw. 🙂


  2. It's cold here today. Well, at least for Florida in October. It was supposed to be in the 30's overnight and it's in the 40's now. Usually we don't get temps this low so early. So much for global warming!

    I'm kind of like that with books and movies, too. If it's really good, I just can't accept that it's over. I wanna know more!

    Blessings to you this day!



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