Obama Ads on Christian Radio Start Today

Most, if not all of you, know that Shane works for Bott Radio Network (Hello Eben  ).   Last week the station, and apparently several other Christian stations in the area, got a phone call from the Barak Obama camp.  They’re ready to run ads on BRN and these other stations, hoping to further convince conservatives that he is too.  Considering that he is the #1 liberal on Capitol Hill, Obama certainly is NOT conservative. 

If you’ll remember a while back, I explained that this would happen.  It happened when Clinton ran too.  And I explained how it would happend.  FCC regulations basically force Christian stations to run any federal level ads of candidates who call wanting to run them.  I’m asking you again, please do NOT call your Christian radio station and betrate them for running these ads– call them and encourage them to do a 15-30 second commentary after the ad that tells the truth about the liberal candidate instead. 

The Botts are brilliant!  Shane had told me that Mr. Bott would record commentaries to run after the ads, explaining where Mr. Obama really stands on the issues important to Believers.  He has done this in the past, but I heard Rich Bott’s voice yesterday morning.  And not only is he going to be telling people where Mr. Obama really stands, but all the proceeds from the ads are going right to organizations that support LIFE!  I’m sure he probably did this last time too, but I don’t remember for sure.

Thank you Mr. Bott for standing up against the "popular" crowd and once again doing the right thing!