Disappointment in No Greater Joy

We first heard Michael and Debbie Pearl’s name many, many years ago.  I remember getting larger black and white No Greater Joy magazines at the first home Shane and I lived in when we were married… that would be 14 years ago.  I remember reading "To Train Up a Child" for the first time around that time.  Over the years, we gave copies away to those that we thought could use it, we ordered different resources, including the mailbag tapes that our children listened to during their resting time. 

We read their thoughts on KJV only and did NOT agree, nor did we agree with their view of end times… but there was still good child training tools there… so we continued receiving their information.  A few months ago, he came out condemning Calvinism… amazing since Armenianism was thought to be heretical when it was first introduced. 

A few days ago, we received the most recent issue of NGJ.  The next day I cancelled our subscription.  I saw in this issue, young women, especially, writing to ask Mr. Pearl’s permission to "rebel" against their families.  I have seen a proud and haughty spirit in Mr. Pearl for some time, but this goes over the top of acceptable in my book.  There is but ONE God and Mr. Pearl is NOT it.  

This latest object of his wrath seems to be the very "movement" "Mr. Command Man" was instrumental in creating so many years ago.  Now, he is condemning it??? 

Yes, I believe there is such a thing as too much sheltering.  Our children must know how to live in the world– unless they join the Amish.  But to be hateful, and judgemental about it to the point of Mr. Pearl being right and everyone that doesn’t follow his statues wrong is dangerous ground. 

I think it’s wonderful that so many  solid Bible teaching ministries and pastors are overlooking differences in the name of unity, like R.C. Sproul Jr. and Voddie Baucham, Doug Philips, and Ken Ham just to name a few.  It’s called G-R-A-C-E. 

I am saddened and outraged at those that continue to mark lines in the sand judging others when it is not their place to judge….

Mr. Pearl I pray that your eyes will be opened and you come to humble repentance…