Reformation Day and Math

Happy Reformation Day! 

Today is the day that has traditionally been the anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the 95 Thesis at Wittenburg, Germany.  We are celebrating in a similar fashion to the last 2 years.  The first year, Shane was in Liberia with Sweet Cheek, the children and I watched "Luther".  Last year we watched "Luther" and this year it snuck up on us.  Plus, when you’re the only one you know that celebrates this holiday it’s kind of hard to do a carnival or some such other Medieval theme.  So tonight we feast on smoked turkey, popcorn balls, caramel apples, root beer for the children and a yummy Kansas City brew… "Boulevard" for Shane and I, all while we finish watching "Luther".  (We began last night).

On the Math note…we have been struggling for some time on what to do for a formal math program for our boys.  Bubba used to LOVE math, but 3rd grade Horizon’s soured him last year.  Little Bit LOVES math and both are very good at it.  We’ve been having Bubba read through "Exploring the World of Mathematics" by John Hudson Tiner and then reviewing it with him.  And Little Bit has been doing a workbook that is beneath his level while we decided what to do.  Of course, we’ve been doing math as it came up– you know in measuring and such. 

So this morning things weren’t going so well.  I talked to Shane and decided to order Rod and Staff math for both boys, at that point not caring whether they ended up hating math or not…  Okay, so while I was looking for R&S I ran across a post on my Bluedorn yahoo group about Developmental Math.  Shane and I had actually looked at something similar a while back, but it was an expensive upfront output and we didn’t want to invest in something we weren’t sure about.  So I printed out the placement test and off we went… Bubba is probably starting in level 6 (at least level 5, but I couldn’t get the placement for level 6 to print, so Shane is bringin git home) and Little Bit is starting in Level 3…  This is right on target for where I think they should be, so I am very excited.   I ordered 3 levels for each boy…  hopefully it will work very well, and at $75 including shipping for 6 levels, I’m pleased with the price too.  Now if it will work…


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