Charity Auction for the Children

I don’t know how many of my blogging friends might be interested in this, but I’ve got to post it anyway. 

I have written  about my sweet Uncle Chip before.  He was in the music industry until he retired several years ago.  He was a guitarist and producer for many years.  Most known for his picking with Elvis many, many years ago.  He also picked on Billy Swan’s 1976 (I think) hit song "I Can Help" 

He was very good friends with Jerry Reed and in fact they grew up together in Atlanta, GA.   I remember Jerry in "Smokey and the Bandit" and the song "When You’re Hot You’re Hot" but there were other songs and movies he was known for.  Jerry died earlier this fall.  But Jerry and my Uncle had built a gas model airplane and Jerry wanted to see it auctioned off for charity.  The letter my Uncle sent the states that the proceeds will go to "Feed the Children"  

Here is the link for the Ebay auction    Go check it out and if you’re into gas model airplanes… bid on it.  BTW,  The handsome guy on the left is my Uncle…