God is Still on the Throne

And Obama CAN’T "change" that! 

Disappointed yes!!!!!!  But our God is a Mightly God!!!!  The One and Only God and He not only allowed this, but it is in His ultimate plan! 

First, McCain was NOT a true conservative!  He voted with the democrats  many times– including the recent bail out.  And, instead of confirming supreme court justices nominated by Bush that would have interpreted the constitution as it was written 200+ years ago.  One that pops to mind is Alito. 

 He is also not pro-life.  Don’t care what National Right to Life says.  He supports government funding of embryotic stem cell research. 

Will babies die under Obama?  Unfortunately, yes.  Will more babies die under Obama than are already being murdered under the name of "choice"?  Maybe, but I’m not convinced that anything different would have happened had McCain won.  I doubt seriously that Roe V Wade would have been overturned during a McCain presidency.  And honestly, the farther we get away from the decision, the harder it will be to overturn it.

Hopefully, the Republican party has learned that it NEEDS us ultra-conservatives on it’s side to win… I am convinced that is why Obama didn’t win.    And quite honestly, it peeved me that McCain didn’t think he needed us to win.  True, those of us voting 3rd party didn’t add up to more than a couple of percentage points in any one state, but I still think we made a point.  

Of course I am also disappointed that many ended up voting for "the lesser of two evils."  Friends, that is not the way to vote.  Let’s see, abortion in the first trimester? Or partial birth abortion?  Neither– thank you very much.  You can’t vote for the lesser of two evils and expect good to come from it.  In other words, two wrongs don’t make a right! 

I truly don’t see this outcome as a vote for Obama or "change."  I see this as a vote against Bush… very sad that people cannot overlook their pocketbooks for the good of the country though.  Especially considering that it was the Clinton administration that paved the way for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac…

I am sad… I am sad that the networks accentuated the racial divide by showing us how "white voter voted."  Yes, at least one network broke their analysis down that way.   And we have our first "African American" president… unless he just got off the boat from Africa– He ain’t AA… I have a daughter that IS African-American, but her children will be Americans.  Obama is black, or brown, or even chocolate, but he’s not AA any more than I am a "Polish-German, French, English, Etc… American."  I am of the firm opinion that giving titles such as this further divides our country racially… instead of remember it’s melting pot roots.  Can’t we just be just plain old "Americans" again?????

I am sad that those in the inner cities that are gonna get "more of the same" at the expense of those that actually work for a living.  I would like to see people working to encourage those in the inner city to work for a living instead of depending on "Robin Hood" for their money. 

If you think about it, that’s what Obama wants for the majority of the country– the inner cities is what big government has given us.  That and long lines at the DMV with sour faced employees that don’t really give a cr*p whether you get your license or not.

I am sad for what we may have to face over the next 4 years at the expense of this country’s stupidity to elect the most liberal senator ever to the White House. 

And I am sad that the government schools have indoctrinated our young people so they cannot think for themselves, they have been taught the liberal agenda for many years now, and it is coming to fruition… even those in the church.  This is the first election many of them would have voted that were born any time after 1986. 

I have a friend whose children decided to wear black yesterday to show mourning for the election and the probable outcome.  I thought about wearing black today… But you know what?  After this post, I think I’m going to wear red, or bright pink or something fun! 

Afterall, it is going to amazing to see God’s plan unfold in the coming days ahead!

Please read the comments too… some nameless someone asked an interesting question and my answer is in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “God is Still on the Throne

  1. President-Elect Obama's father is from Kenya and is mother from American. He is African American. We (Blacks in America) did not start the racial divide. I am hoping however that his presidency will minimize that division.



  2. Thank for you for respectful disagreement with my thoughts… I truly appreciate it.
    You might have missed my point, thought About Mr. Obama not being African American… when you are a citizen of this country you are AMERICAN… My husband carried my daughter from Libera 2 years ago today. Has Mr. Obama himself lived in KENYA? Not his Father, but him? My daughter did for the first 10 months of her life. Although I still don't refer to her as AA– but if anyone can claim that title it would be her.

    I believe that classifying people as "African, Native, Polish, German, Greek, etc American" furthers the divide. And in case you don't know it, I have 4 children that are Americans that happen to be chocolate in varying degrees. Honestly, I'm more interested in them being raised as persons of integrity, and morals than I am concerned with whether they're "black" or not…
    Thanks again for your thoughts.


  3. And when we were working with adoption agencies we were very much told an individual such as Barak Obama would be considered BI-racial…not AA.

    This is a household planning to uphold God's Word also….we are instructed to pray for the authorities and we will do that. God plans to use this (just as he would have for McCain) for greatness somehow!


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