It Took 12 Years…

but we finally made our first trip to the ER. 

The children were outside yesterday afternoon getting some energy out. (And it’s only November).  Sweet Cheeks got a hold of a mushroom in the yard. Bubba came running in to tell us.  Shane called poison control and they recommended the ER.  We knew that if she swallowed any at all it wasn’t more than 1/4 teaspoon because Princess got to her right away and dug it out.  But we also didn’t want to take any chances. 

Shane and Princess took Sweet Cheeks, while I stayed home with the boys.  Princess went and picked some of the mushroom and put it in a paper bag.  That’s instructions from poison control, no plastic. 

I was sorting clothes and making a good dent in it, and their room was a mess, so it made sense for Shane to take her– on that front, I got it all done in one day and no boxes of clothes are sitting on their floor for weeks at a time–yippee!. 

I also called our family doctor (gotta love him) and he recommended ER unless we could confirm that it was a Morel.  We’re not very mushroom savvy, but we know it wasn’t a Morel. 

Sweet Cheeks bounced her way all over the ER.  She was so active that Shane wasn’t able to do anything but watch her, eventhough he had taken his laptop.  She never acted sick or anything.  The ER doctor apparently spent about an hour on the internet researching and never found the exact mushroom,  he also researched the top 30 poisonous mushrooms and this one didn’t look like any of them.   (I’m thinking I could have done that at home and saved an ER visit).  But in this situation, I’d much rather be safe than sorry and it could have been a dangerous mushroom and made her very ill, or caused her kidney’s to fail.   Especially since she can’t really tell us that she didn’t swallow any. 

ER doctor, gave us instructions to keep an eye on her for the next couple of days, if her urine becomes bright yellow or she is producing less or more than she usually does, bring her back or to our Dr.  

Shane was only gone about 3 hours.  And we were even able to go on with our usual Sunday evening ritual, even though it was a little later than usual.  Something fun to eat (in this case smoked ribs and fries) and a DVD  "Ben Stein’s Expelled".  Which we had not seen yet. 

So that’s it.  Our first trip to the ER.  Actually with Bubba in our house, I’m very surprised it took 12 years.  I expected it much sooner


One thought on “It Took 12 Years…

  1. Twelve years before ER…pretty good! We haven't needed that yet but figure little guy will be the one to take us there. Time will tell.

    Did you enjoy Expelled? We did pay top $ to support it in the theaters and I actually just ordered a copy from Answers in Genesis today. We thought it was very well done.



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