U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child

Apparently the attorneys at HSLDA think that this horrible "treaty" will make another appearance with Obama in office.  They have recently sent out information about it again after a long hiatus. 

Have you seen it?  If you haven’t you need to right now.  Although some of it may sound good on the surface, it destroys any rights a parent has over their children of any age. 

Well on our local support groups email loop today was a response to HSLDA’s warning from an Obama supporter.  Yikes!  Unfortunately, she didn’t appear to have a clue as to the damage this little document could do. Not only in education, but just about any realm of parental authority. 

 I believe the article in question as far as being a threat to our home educating our children is Article 28 a.

a) Make primary education compulsory and available free to all

So I wrote her privately and explained.  I thought it might be good to post here for any thinking that this document would be a good thing.

I did not want to start a "public" discussion on this issue, as I don’t think an information group for homeschooling events etc. is really the place for any discussion  about such things.  So I decided to email you privately.   Please understand that I am not emailing you to try to start a discussion like that, I am not interested.   But you may not be aware of the battle that occurred so you could have the  freedom to home educate your children. And I wanted to take a minute to give you some information you might not know.
My in-laws were VERY instrumental in securing the rights you have in Missouri to home school.  My husband was one of the first homeschooling graduates in the KC metro area.   Back then, they were not even sure if what they were doing was legal.  They paid to have an attorney on retainer just in case they needed him.  (btw, my fil was a produce manager at a grocery store back then and didn’t have very much money to go spending it on attorneys).  Homeschoolers did not get out of the house during the day.  There were no co-ops, or athletic teams, or the amazing choice of curriculum to use as there is today.  
There were families where children were removed from their parents home because they homeschooled.  Yes! You heard that right.  DFS showed up on the doorstep and removed children for neglect because they were educating them at home.  My husband remembers "hiding" in the back floorboard of their car to go through the bank drive through with his mom.  It was not a pleasant time or fun time for any parent that tried to home school or for the children that belonged to those children. (Except for the fun that having your children home with you can bring).   My in-laws and parents like them went to great risk to secure your right to home school your children.  I know we still get the "socialization" questions or the "can you do that questions" and assorted others, but back then those parents that chose to home school, did it without knowing if someone would be knocking on their door to take their children away. 
I am a conservative, like most on the FHE list.  But I did NOT vote for McCain.  I agree with you, that McCain might not have been the homeschoolers friend either. (for that fact I don’t believe he would have been the conservative’s friend in many areas).   I believe you are extremely  mistaken in your take on the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It may not pose an immediate threat, but I honestly don’t want my children or grandchildren fighting the same battles or harder ones than my in-laws fought nearly 20 years ago.   And if it is ratified, it will pose a threat in the future. Because a U.N. treaty takes precedence over any local, state, or national law. 
 The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child has been around for a long time– I saw it for the first time around 12 years or so ago and I’m sure it was around before then.  Have you read it?  It is a huge threat to our rights as parents to our children–regardless of which side of the political arena you happen to be on.   Basically it gives an 8 year old (or any age child) every right that an adult has.  Heck, I make dumb decisions at 43– is it really wise to give these decisions over to a child with little understanding of how the world works, and the life long consequences that could come from these decisions?   
 Considering the attorneys at HSLDA are seasoned and experienced, and they make it their job to look ahead for anything that would hinder our right to home educate, I would have a hard time questioning their judgment on what this could do for our freedoms in this country. 
I hope that you will reconsider your position. 
It has apparently been around a lot longer than I thought for the documents that I found say 1989– nearly 20 years now.